Friday headlines: Gardening for the

Explaining the Biden-Netanyahu rift over Rafah: It’s about how realistic it is to dismantle Hamas, and at what cost. / The New York Times [+]

See also: Will Gaza hurt Biden’s reelection chances? If you ask younger voters, yes, but not as much as a host of other issues. / The Bulwark

To address the racial wealth gap, students at a set of charter schools will each receive $10,000 to invest: “The parents will definitely lose their minds.” / The New York Times [+]

Researchers say “biodiversity loss, climate change, and introduced species” are driving the spread of infectious diseases. / The Guardian

An interactive explanation of what happens when you stop mowing your lawn. / The Washington Post [+]

Increased solar activity means there’s a chance the northern lights may be visible in parts of the US this weekend. / Space

“Those who want to show they’ve done their homework can take pointers from the Count and Countess.” The Met Gala is a Ballardian nightmare. / UnHerd

Apple’s awful “Crush” ad works better in reverse or by saying the quiet part out loud. / X, A Whole Lotta Nothing

“2004 doesn’t seem so long ago, but then this exchange feels almost 19th century.” How Gmail became our diary. / Intelligencer

Stretching back to at least the 1990s, Germany’s intelligence agencies have relied on neo-Nazi informants, but it’s been unclear who’s using whom. / The Dial

“Steve’s attention was not hierarchical.” RIP Steve Albini. / Welcome to Hell World

Related: The Steve Albini sound, a playlist. / Spotify

“When you look up a word in one language, do it for all other languages too.” How to be an amateur polyglot. / LessWrong

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