Friday headlines: I think therefore I can’

Members’ voting patterns reveal the eight types of House Democrats and Republicans, based on how much they do (or don’t) align with their caucuses. / FiveThirtyEight

See also: “The House passed bipartisan bills on climate change and border security this week, and almost no one noticed.” / Wake Up to Politics

Scientists are becoming frustrated with the USDA’s continued failure to provide data that would facilitate tracking H5N1’s spread. / STAT

The botched rollout of the federal government’s new financial aid application has left countless students unsure where, or even if, they’re going to college in the fall. / AP

See also: “This is, quite frankly, where [students] should be in this moment, as they are opening their eyes to what that world actually contains.” / Slate

“The most common dilemmas had to do with relational obligations: dilemmas about what we owe to others.” To study morality, philosophers analyze r/AITA. / Vox

Is AI-generated audio good for anything? Rarely. In a list of examples, most “seem at best misguided and at worst actively hostile.” / Read Max

“You can’t just come to terms with yourself once and for all.” On “deep reals” and how realism can be so real it seems fake. / Internal Exile

See also: An AI-generated image of the Baltimore bridge collapse, built from drone footage, shows the wreckage in startling detail. / Quartz, Voluma

In a first, a wild animal—in this case, an orangutan—was observed treating a wound with a plant known to have medicinal properties. / The Guardian

“All of Murray’s top four contributors had connections to mental asylums.” A history of the Oxford English Dictionary. / Commonweal

A list of some of the things Brian Cox hates—method acting, the word “process,” Quentin Tarantino. / GQ

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