Monday headlines: Rock

Scientists have developed an RNA-based vaccine that targets all strains of a virus, potentially eliminating the need for chasing influenza strains every year. / UC Riverside

As the WHO raises concerns about bird flu’s potential to spread among humans, H5N1 has now been detected in raw milk from infected animals. / The Guardian, Barron’s

See also: “The outbreak of H5N1 in commercial cows appears to have spurred higher sales of [raw milk] products, despite federal warnings.” / PBS

Employees allege that a popular Montana photography ranch houses its exotic animals in squalid conditions. (Content warning) / Rolling Stone

By using topology to map voting deserts, researchers shed light on who has easier access to polling places with shorter wait times. / Quanta Magazine

How inconsistent security protocols allow money launderers to pass their cargo through two of the world’s busiest airports. / The Wall Street Journal [+]

Add Walmart to the list of stores that are scaling back plans for self-checkout—whether due to theft, technology malfunctions, or understaffing. / CBS News, Fast Company

The troubled Hipgnosis Songs Fund, which has been scooping up classic artists’ song catalogs, appears poised for a takeover by private equity giant Blackstone. / Billboard

“We don’t deal with the future as geologists. We only deal with what’s preserved in the rock record.” Inside the battle over the Anthropocene. / The New Yorker

After experiencing sudden hearing loss, a musician used hearing-aid technology to compose music based on nature’s rhythms and tones. Listen to a sample. / BBC, YouTube

Deaths and lawsuits ended the Domino’s 30-minute delivery guarantee, but dangers still loom thanks to the gig economy and delivery apps. / The Hustle

“There is talk of opening an international school to teach children in English to accommodate the drugmaker’s increasingly international work force.” Ozempic is transforming a Danish town. / The New York Times [+]

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