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Patagonia faces an existential crisis as it tries to navigate ways to curb the microplastic epidemic while producing apparel that contributes to the epidemic. / InsideHook

“He showed [sharks] were able to ‘habituate’ to both visual and auditory stimuli and to the presence of humans. And they make friends.” The shark whisperer. / Nautilus

A visit to United Record Pressing to watch how vinyl albums are made in 2024. / The Washington Post [+]

According to a Harris Poll, belief in astrology is waning among younger Americans. / Cosmopolitan

Long derided as elitist, classical music is fading out of popular culture; to save it, enthusiasts of the form must stop being apologists. / The Critic

With the rise of interest rates, the streaming gold rush is over—as a result, platforms are no longer willing to take risks, and creators are paying the price. / Harper’s Magazine

A new volume of Emily Dickinson’s letters shows she wasn’t the recluse people tend to think, but “very often funny and used a prodigious number of exclamation points.” / Poetry Foundation

The life of Daniel Webster Wallace, who was born into bondage, and later became a respected rancher, building a personal fortune of what today would be around $22 million. / Texas Monthly

Used in the original Star Trek series, the first model of the USS Enterprise went missing in the 1970s—after popping up on eBay, it’s now been returned to the Roddenberry family. / Ars Technica

“Because [Civil War is] not an explainer movie, there’s no ‘lore’ connecting political conflict in 2024 to the scenes of violence and cruelty.” / Read Max

Well this is awful: Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger razed a midcentury gem in Brentwood to make room for a 15,000-square-foot mansion. / The Guardian

See also: Squatters at a Gordon Ramsay pub in London say they’ve reached an agreement with the owner—not Ramsay—to stay and work as security. / The Independent

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