Saturday headlines: You think it’s candy but it’s

Sports Illustrated was only the beginning—the company behind those fake bylines has been working with dozens of well-known publications to provide AI-generated content. / Futurism

The Drake/Kendrick rap battle briefly shut down Genius, as users rushed to annotate “Euphoria” moments after its release. / The New York Times [+]

Warner’s Disney/Hulu/Max bundle signals how the “cablefication” of streaming is here, and it’s also exactly what the entertainment industry needs in order to survive right now. / Den of Geek

A satellite network startup has successfully made a Bluetooth connection from Earth to space. / TechRadar

New floppy disks haven’t been manufactured in 13 years, but there’s still a market for them, some enthusiasts, some corporations that still rely on the technology. / BBC

“I started making edible jewelry as a way to appreciate beautiful items without them needing to take up space.” The history of trompe l’oeil sweets. / The New York Times Style Magazine [+]

Hypothesizing how pareidolia—seeing specific imagery in vague patterns—could have inspired ancient cave artists. / Aeon

See also: What it’s like to have prosopometamorphopsia, also known as “demon face syndrome,” a rare condition that causes hallucinations when viewing people’s faces. / Slate

“It becomes a terrible positive feedback—a never-ending dance of destruction.” How aging immune systems contribute to overall aging. / Nature

Why we’re turning psychiatric labels into identities. / The New Yorker

After decades of efforts to save red squirrels from their gray counterparts in Wales, a gray has been captured in the reds’ habitat, possibly arriving by train. / Llyn Parc Mawr, BBC

“The machine you’re scrolling around in the comic isn’t real. It’s hyperreal.” How that amazing xkcd Rube Goldberg machine was made. / xkcd, chromakode

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