Thursday headlines: Barista

A dozen student demonstrators say they fear being doxxed by pro-Israel groups accusing them of antisemitism. / The New York Times [+]

Spencer Ackerman explains how warrantless spying on campus protesters is easier than ever. / Forever Wars

See also: Tracking the nationwide arrests of more than 1,700 campus protesters. / The Appeal

Unrelated: A video shows what would happen today if a nuclear bomb hit a major city. / Open Culture

Lobbyists for plastics say “massive societal benefits” mean we shouldn’t produce less of the stuff. / Grist

Researchers create a plastic containing bacteria that can digest it. / Ars Technica

See also: Should designers think more like ecologists? / It’s Nice That

The great Hannah Ritchie explains how the “the Molloch Trap” applies to environmental problems. / Sustainability by Numbers

Louisa Thomas, one of our favorite sports writers, questions if the “hot hand” in hockey is a myth. (Answer: maybe.) / The New Yorker

Baseball players have mixed feelings these days about being free agents. / Fangraphs

Did Ted Williams really once hit a homerun that traveled 502 feet? Data suggest the ball actually went farther. / Major League Baseball

In case you’ve ever wondered: What exactly is a barista competition? / Sprudge

A Finnish coffee roaster uses AI to create a blend that’s “perfect,” with “no need for human adjustments.” / The Associated Press

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