Thursday headlines: The truck stops

What’s worse for disease spread: animal loss, urbanization, or the climate crisis? The climate crisis. / Goats and Soda

Donald Trump allegedly asked big-oil executives last month for $1 billion in campaign donations. / The Guardian

DNA analysis shows baobab trees first arose in Madagascar 21 million years ago. / BBC News

Paul Ford on generative artificial intelligence: “AI is like having my very own shameless monster as a pet.” / WIRED

A quick list of improvements in the latest version of ChatGPT. / X

Related: OpenAI is framing GPT-4o as a translation service, “which raises real questions about how it’ll hold up in widespread use.” / rest of world

“Circular construction” refers to building new projects in a way that allows raw materials and parts to be reused. / Bloomberg CityLab

Related: A Seattle company is selling home-building kits based on Frank Lloyd Wright designs. / The Wall Street Journal [+]

In “perhaps the most-Japanese contest,” gardeners compete to create seasonal landscapes in the bed of their trucks. / Spoon + Tamago

Unrelated: A “portal” sculpture, connecting residents in New York and Dublin, is shut down after reports of people mooning each other. / The Telegraph

The great Alice Munro dies at 92. A tribute to her work from Munro’s Books, and a selection of stories and essays. / The New York Times [+], Instagram, The New Yorker

Attention readers: Camp ToB, the Tournament of Books’ summer popup event, is coming soon, and we need your help picking the books! / The Tournament of Books

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