Thursday headlines: Too big to

President Biden says the United States will halt some weapon shipments to Israel if it launches a full invasion of Rafah. / CNN

Interviews with people living in Rafah, forced to flee Israel’s attacks. / Al Jazeera

NATO members (excluding the US) increased military spending last year by 19%. / The Ecoomist

Regarding yesterday’s link about Saudi Arabia’s Neom project, a former security officer says he was permitted to kill villagers who protested being evicted. / BBC News

Unrelated: A drone company tells an Arkansas mayor exactly how he should endorse it. / 404 Media

Kevin Roose develops a crew of AI friends. “On balance, they’ve been a positive addition to my life, and I’ll be a little sad to delete them when this experiment is over.” / The New York Times [+]

“When we die, most of our cells are still alive, paradoxically.” Interview with an expert on aging who’s critical of longevity “breakthroughs.” / GQ

Related: Interviews with female OnlyFans performers who are over 65. / Huck

A study finds men are less likely to respond to email if the sender identifies themselves with them/them pronouns. / American Psychological Association

Remembering the “mail runner” who raced to tell the world about Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary summiting Mount Everest, and died a few weeks later. / Outside

Athletes’ elaborate performance rituals are said to be tied to a game’s uncertainty. / Sports Illustrated

Unrelated: A few weeks ago in Dallas, 18,000 men, women, and children “relentlessly booed a man, all because of his timely recovery from a lacerated spleen.” / Why is this interesting?

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