Tuesday headlines: Go pouch, gothemorningnews.org

In China, companies making fentanyl precursors and analogues can apply for state tax rebates. / NPR

Nearly 200 US colleges and universities hold contracts with Chinese businesses, valued at $2.32 billion. / The Wall Street Journal [+]

Argentina experiences a 2,153% increase in Dengue cases. / The Guardian

From February, some good news about recent progress against dengue fever. / Science

If you’re an organ donor in the United States, “there’s a 25% chance your kidney ends up in the trash.” / Statecraft

A researcher who studies American sexual behavior says there’s been a rapid rise of “rough sex” among college students, particularly sexual strangulation. / The New York Times [+]

The amount of American adults who’ve had coffee in the past day has increased by 37% since 2004, a 20-year high. / Sprudge

See also: McDonald’s introduces billboards that smell like French fries. / Business Insider

Why are cats getting more screen time in movies recently? Professional cat training for films “has greatly evolved in recent years.” / The Hollywood Reporter

Remembering that once upon a time, schools, towns, states and even the Senate passed rules against beepers. / Pessimists Archive

Jessa Crispin: Once again, the intellectual media sends an elite writer on a cruise, only to discover the guy hates everyone. / The Culture We Deserve

Some notes on how a mechanical watch works. Also, how the Berlin Wall worked. / Bartosz Ciechanowski, Open Culture

Three men are rescued after spelling out “help” with palm leaves on a small Pacific island. / BBC News

Related: A former Special Forces soldier explains what he packs in his “go-pouch.” / Why Is This Interesting

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