Tuesday headlines: Here comes the sun, but not the sunscreenthemorningnews.org

Secretary of State Blinken visits Ukraine, intended to signal “strong reassurance” that the West will continue to back Kyiv. Meanwhile, Putin heads to Beijing. / Semafor

Russia is conducting “hybrid warfare” in Moldova, i.e., anything “short of bombing the country.” / The Week

Notes on how US intelligence is moving aggressively to adopt and integrate artificial intelligence. / Forever Wars

Antiwar protesters from the 1960s respond to today’s unrest. “It gives you a little rush of school spirit.” / The Wall Street Journal [+]

Naomi Fry on Stephanie Clifford, or Stormy Daniels: “As I watched her, I thought that she could have handily won The Apprentice.” / The New Yorker

See also: “Trump Reflexively Asks Michael Cohen To Silence Michael Cohen.” / The Onion

Members-only clubs are proliferating for rich New Yorkers. “We’ve still got a long way to go before we reach peak club.” / GQ

Unrelated: Am I seriously choosing to contribute to the destruction of the natural environment because I want to look cuter? / The Kramer Is Now

Meanwhile, a recent fad on TikTok of “boycotting” celebrities suggests an era that’s inclined to strike or complain. / The Trend Report

A reporter visits China and drives a dozen electric cars. “Western automakers are cooked.” / Inside EVs

See also: None of the traditional big three automakers make a sedan anymore. / Fast Company

Americans aren’t likely to get better sunscreens—as found in Japan, South Korea, and France—anytime soon. / Undark Magazine

What makes a card game great? Among other things: “It can’t be boring. Ever.” / Matt’s Five Points

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