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The EPA announces a comprehensive ban on asbestos, which is still used in bleach and brake pads. / STAT

As China and India grow richer, they may decide “that the costs of asbestos have come to outweigh its benefits.” / Works in Progress

What do American households use electricity for? Cooling, heating, and a few hot tubs. / Sustainability by numbers

In conservation, “environmental DNA” is being used to monitor endangered species and track invasive ones. / Undark Magazine

Across the United States, hotter months are “kitten season,” which the Humane Society likens to a natural disaster. / Grist

See also: Some birth months are much more common than others. / Scientific Discovery

Visitor numbers at the largest art museums have returned to their pre-pandemic levels. / The Art Newspaper

The US women’s national soccer team has fallen to its lowest ranking ever. / Just Women’s Sports

Unrelated: Ninety-four percent of elevators at Stanford University have expired permits. / The Stanford Daily

Some thoughts on why humanity turned whales into margarine in the mid 20th century. “People genuinely needed something, anything, to put on toast.” / Scope of Work

The reason the label on Angostura bitters is so large? A failure to communicate. / Futility Closet

Recommendations on things to purchase second-hand (jeans, watches). A recommendation from Christopher Nolan to watch the Fast and the Furious franchise. / Valet Mag, kottke

An account of what it’s like for divorced celebrities to host a thrift sale—complete with a yerba mate sponsor. / The New Yorker

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