Wednesday headlines: Espresso

Only a small minority of American college students—8%—have participated in recent protests. / axios

In Mexico, immigration officials and the National Guard are said to be working together as a “new cartel.” / SAGA

Peter Salmon on the death penalty: By establishing whether the sovereign can kill us, we build the laws and our idea of justice. / New Humanist

A trial against Chiquita begins, regarding payments to a militant group “known to kidnap civilians in the middle of the night.” / The Palm Beach Post

A look at the UK’s “second empire” of tax-free jurisdictions, which “enables corruption, drains public budgets, and exacerbates inequality.” / The New York Review of Books

Unrelated: A scientist finds cocaine in wild shrimp in Suffolk. / The Guardian

A Frank Stella painting was used for years in Chile as a lunch table for museum workers. / Hyperallergic

Much of the cash spent on Saudi Arabia’s “Neom,” the twin 105-mile-long skyscrapers, has gone to consultants and architects. / The Wall Street Journal [+]

Stand-up comedy has tripled in size over the last decade. / Bloomberg

“That makes sense to me.” A grammarian unpacks Sabrina Carpenter’s “that’s that me espresso.” / Them

Related: The Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar feud, explained. And the greastest diss tracks of all time, ranked. / Vox, The Ringer

A visualization of what it would be like for a camera to enter the event horizon, “sealing its fate.” / YouTube

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