Anti Narcotics Task Force J&K Police and Kashmir Road Safety Foundation Observe International Day Against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking in Srinagar

26 June 2024*: The Kashmir drug problem presents a multifaceted challenge that touches the lives of people around Kashmir. From individuals struggling with substance use disorders to communities grappling with the consequences of drug trafficking and organized crime, the impact of drugs is far-reaching and complex.

The International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, or World Drug Day, is marked on 26 June every year to strengthen action and cooperation in achieving a world free of drug abuse. This year’s World Drug Day campaign recognizes that effective drug policies must be rooted in science, research, full respect for human rights, compassion, and a deep understanding of the social, economic, and health implications of drug use.

Today, the event saw positive participation from youth representing different sectors such as sports, education, health, art, and entertainment. The event was supported by the Kashmir Youth Federation, Ujala Cygnus Hospital Kashmir, MTC, Tiger Calisthenics Academy, and Cinar Valley Fitness Trust.

During the event, there were live demonstrations of martial arts by Muzaffar Taekwondo Club and Tiger\’s Calisthenics Academy, followed by a Drug-Free Kashmir Rally from Poloview Market to Press Colony Srinagar. At the closing, DySP ANTF Mr. Nisar Bakshi, along with SDPO Kothibagh Mr. Hariprasad, took the pledge, in which youngsters and the general public participated.

Talking to the media, DySP Anti Narcotics Task Force J&K Police Mr. Nisar Bakshi said, \”At every turn, the most vulnerable people — including young people — suffer the worst effects of this crisis. People who use drugs and those living with substance abuse disorders are victimized again and again: by the drugs themselves, by stigma and discrimination, and by heavy-handed, inhumane responses to the problem.\”

Chairman Kashmir Road Safety Foundation Mr. Nasir Ali Khan said, \”As this year’s theme reminds us, breaking the cycle of suffering means starting at the beginning, before drugs take hold, by investing in prevention. Evidence-based drug prevention programmes can protect people and communities alike, while taking a bite out of illicit economies that profit from human misery.

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