income tax department

income tax department

Directorate of Income Tax (Investigation), Delhi, sets up 24X7 Control Room and toll-free Mobile Number 9868168682 in connection with the General Elections to Lok Sabha, 2024

The vigil through Control Room will help to check suspicious movement/distribution of cash, bullion and other valuables within the NCT of Delhi
Control Room will be functional during the entire period of Model Code of Conduct in Delhi

The Income Tax Department, under its commitment to assist the Election Commission of India in curbing the role of black money in elections, encourages the residents to contribute to the process of ensuring clean and fair General Elections to Lok Sabha, 2024.

To achieve this goal, Directorate of Income Tax (Investigation), Delhi has made several arrangements to keep a vigil on the movement of unaccounted cash, bullion & other valuables, likely/suspected to be used for electoral purposes, during the Model Code of Conduct within the NCT of Delhi.

Among other measures, the Directorate has opened a 24X7 Control Room at Civic Centre, New Delhi, and has also issued a Toll-free Number where any person can communicate with and give any information to the Income Tax Department regarding suspicious movement/distribution of cash, bullion & other valuables etc within the NCT of Delhi, in connection with the General Elections to Lok Sabha, 2024. Details of the Control Room are as under:

Room No. 17, Ground Floor, C- Block, Civic Centre, New Delhi-110002 Toll Free Number: 1800112300

Landline Numbers: 011-23232312/31/67/76 Toll-free Mob. Number: 9868168682

Residents can contact the Toll-Free Number, and callers to the Control Room need not disclose any personal details, such as name or other details of identity. What is vital is that the information received is credible and actionable.

The Control Room shall be functional during the entire period of Model Code of Conduct in Delhi, i.e, from the date of announcement of General Elections 2024, till the same are over in Delhi. In the spirit of free & fair elections, the citizens are requested to extend their help by sharing relevant information with the Directorate on the above-mentioned numbers, in respect of NCT of Delhi. The identity of the informant shall be kept secret.

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