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Facebook and Instagram crash, with users unable to access their accounts


Facebook and Instagram have crashed, with most users having trouble logging into their accounts.

Some users are unable to enter at all, while others see pages that have not been updated.

An error occurs during authorisation, and the system prompts users to try logging in again.

According to Downdetector, huge numbers of users are complaining about being unable to log into Facebook and Instagram.

Downdetector has also recorded complaints about YouTube not working.

Within less than ten minutes, the service received over 200,000 reports of Facebook outages and over 45,000 complaints from users of Instagram.

Meta reacted to errors in the work of social media and stated that it was working to solve this problem.

“We know that people have problems with access to our services. We are working on it,” Andy Stone, press secretary of Meta, said.

Users of the social network report that Facebook is back up again.

Downdetector data shows that users of X, TikTok and WhatsApp are also reporting problems. There are also complaints about errors and crashes in Google services, namely Google Play store of applications, the search engine and Gmail email service. 


Infographic: Downdetector 

Infographic: Downdetector

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