Friday headlines: Can of

Testing of dairy items from store shelves in the US shows the bird flu outbreak among cows is more widespread than previously indicated. / STAT

Zeynep Tufekci: “One thing that travels back and forth between cattle farms and chicken farms is human beings.” / The New York Times [+]

Comparing the parasite count in decades-old cans of salmon to cans from today shows how ocean health appears to have improved. / Scientific American

The Federal Trade Commission voted yesterday to restore net neutrality. In the nearly seven years since it was killed, a handful of states maintained the regulations. / AP

See also: Following the FTC’s ban on non-competes earlier this week, business groups sue, claiming government overreach of their employment overreach. / MSNBC

Demythologizing the “horrible” grizzly, which is smaller in stature and hardly as vicious or predatory as frontier tales popularized. / The Washington Post [+]

See also: Over the next decade, up to seven grizzlies will be released in the North Cascades every summer in order to build a population of 200 bears in the next century. / The Seattle Times

“You can just understand people better.” Research shows “disturbing” books threatened by bans help, rather than harm, teens’ development. / The Conversation

The big advances go to celebrities, and what else we’ve learned about the publishing industry from the Penguin antitrust case. / The Elysian

New findings support the theory that the Moon’s core is very similar to Earth’s, and is likely a solid iron ball. / Science Alert

“Get excited.” The Onion has been purchased by Global Tetrahedron, a name that matters in Onion lore and hints at a renewed, bright future for the publication. / Variety

Played this vintage-y game to the point of madness this week: As the crow flies. /

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