Friday headlines: Torta

A deep investigation into how the Chinese underworld has come to dominate America’s illegal marijuana trade. / ProPublica

“Fewer than one in 1,000 US university courses include references to critical race theory or other so-called “woke” topics that have become flashpoints in the country’s culture wars.” / Financial Times

With bipartisan support, this week the House passed legislation that will require ticket sellers to provide transparency in fees. / Pitchfork

As part of a zoning case, an Indiana judge rules that tacos and burritos are “Mexican-style sandwiches,” breaking with a Massachusetts judge’s 2006 decision. / The Washington Post [+]

The enzyme that’s essential for photosynthesis—and therefore nearly all life on Earth—doesn’t work especially well in hot weather. And that’s bad news for a warming planet. / Grist

“I like functional lawns. And sod lawns are not functional.” It turns out there’s little science to support the idea that No Mow May aids biodiversity. / Undark

See also: Fake science is killing journals. As retractions pile up, publications’ future—and even “the credibility of science as a whole”—is thrown into doubt. / The Wall Street Journal [+]

“The H5N1 avian flu outbreak needn’t be a rerun of Covid-19’s ‘public health versus the economy’ battle.” / STAT

“Human beings don’t like to hear bad news, especially if it means that they’re personally responsible for the bad news.” How Darwinism can help humans in case of collapse. / The MIT Press Reader

See also: As its population dwindled, a bird species in Florida evolved to be able to eat bigger snails in a little more than a decade. / YouTube

On collectible bitcoin, and why some fragments—such as those that were used in transactions by the currency’s inventor—are more valuable than others. / Ars Technica

Doves Type, a famous typeface that was dumped into the Thames a century ago after a dispute between business partners, has now been recovered. / Artnet

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