Tuesday headlines: Not her, actuallythemorningnews.org

Yesterday’s edition was foiled by a technical reason called forgetfulness. Blargh

Iran sets new elections, which may serve as a “dress rehearsal” for the upcoming power struggle. / Semafor, Atlantic Council

Analysis of who inside Iran may benefit from President Raisi’s death. / The Atlantic [+]

Unrelated: Abu Dhabi’s “Autonomous Racing League” is said to be “a big mess.” / YouTube

OpenAI suspends the ChatGPT voice that sounds eerily like Scarlett Johansson in Her. / Variety, Platformer

Employees at OpenAI are forbidden, for the rest of their lives, from criticizing their former employer. “Even acknowledging the NDA exists is a violation of it.” / Vox

See also: Former contestants on Love Is Blind say the show is a toxic workplace. / The New Yorker

College students find a way to do laundry for free due to a vulnerability in internet-connected machines. / The Verge

A dedicated teacher in Arizona quits over his students’ smartphone addiction. / The Wall Street Journal [+]

Jessa Crispin: The professionalization of the arts was always going to end up here. / The Culture We Deserve

Some thoughts on whether Sabrina Carpenter’s “Espresso” has what it takes to be this summer’s big bop. / The Trend Report

“I always tell people I’m afraid of two things: men and distracted drivers, and that’s it.” A profile of Joshua Tree’s premier rattlesnake wrangler. Also, profile of a watercolorist Simon Palmer. / The Los Angeles Times, Countryfile

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