Friday headlines: Hell

The limited nature of Israel’s counterattack on Iran suggests both sides want to avoid escalation. / The New York Times [+]

Most of the US military aid approved for Ukraine is being spent in the US—and specifically in these congressional districts. / The Washington Post [+]

Tracking AI-generated election content around the world. / Rest of World

GLP-1 drugs like Ozempic are resulting in pregnancies, leading some doctors to use the medications to treat PCOS, but without the data to back it up. / National Post

Wastewater testing has proved essential for tracking and isolating Covid outbreaks, and could expand to other health threats. / Nature

“What this means is that there may be lots more hominin bones in people’s floors and showers.” On discovering a human-like mandible in travertine tile. / John Hawks

For the first time, archaeologists have evidence humans lived in lava tubes; tunnels below the deserts of northern Saudi Arabia were inhabited for thousands of years. / NewScientist

“We are living through an age of unchecked Caesar-salad fraud.” / MSN

See also: Why don’t rich people eat anymore? / Dazed

Responding to Germany considering limiting hunting trophy imports, Botswana’s president threatens to send 20,000 elephants, citing overpopulation concerns. / The Guardian

“How ethical can forced identification be?” Current-day surveillance tech has roots in a 19th-century system of measuring bodies for criminal identification. / Eurozine

The NFL is the only North American sports organization that isn’t open to institutional investment, but that may change next month—and private equity is gearing up. / Financial Times [+]

See also: Backed by private equity, a group has been buying up Minor League Baseball teams, and now owns a quarter of the league. / InsideHook

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