Monday headlines: Real friends, fake

Israel regroups its army to move into Rafah. A round-up of statistics from a devastating six months. / The Associated Press, Al Jazeera

Pankaj Mishra: The more remote the Shoah has grown, the more fiercely its memory has been possessed by Jewish Americans. / The London Review of Books

Who is Portugal for? Possibly “your retired, your landlords, your slouching techies yearning to feel free.” / Palladium Magazine

Martin Gurri: The mafia in Cuba is indistinguishable from the regime itself. / Discourse

During today’s solar eclipse, the Purkinje effect explains why colors may look different. (Here are some vintage eclipse glasses.) / CNN, Kottke

In women’s basketball, South Carolina defeats Iowa to cap its perfect season. / ESPN

Mac Crane on what it’s like to play basketball with men. “It’s the queerness of yearning, of loving a sport that doesn’t always love me back.” / The Sun

“It was a romanticized journey of self-destruction.” What it’s like to operate a bookstore in Kuwait. / Lithub

See also: What it’s like to fail on a climbing expedition in Greeland. / The Clean Line

Giving up on something can be thought of as a gift—”to wonder exactly what has been given up, to whom, and for what.” / The Baffler

An AI-enabled compass of sorts will guide you on walks without your phone. / dezeen

A new social media app will generate fake likes from your real friends. / Engadget

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