Saturday headlines: Singing in the

More than 300 people are believed to have been kidnapped this week in northern Nigeria. / CBS News

“I started dragging myself like a snake.” An account of a 17-year-old boy who got away. / BBC News

A round-up of recent events in Haiti. / Interruptrr

France and Germany’s relationship is in bad shape over support for Ukraine. / Responsible Statecraft

Related: Thinking through what contribution (if any) should Switzerland make to Europe’s security. / Brookings Institute

A new survey finds 6.8% of American adults experiencing long Covid symptoms. / The Guardian

In December, the United States grew by roughly 386,000 square miles, via an “extended continental shelf.” / Atlas Obscura

See also: Homeowners in a Massachusettes beach town spent $600,000 on sand to protect their properties from future storms. Then a storm came. / The New York Times [+]

Unpacking how the House of Representatives revived the TikTok ban without the public really noticing. / The Verge

Four unpersuasive arguments against TikTok. / Read Max

“Email apnea” describes people’s tendency to hold their breath while reading or writing messages. / GQ

A mathematician finds pi day lame—because it doesn’t connect to why math is beautiful. / Logging the World

Also beautiful: From February, a pair of dancers remake the “Moses Supposes” sequence from Singing in the Rain. / YouTube

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