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Today is Independent Bookstore Day! Here are ways you can support and celebrate your local. / Book Publishing Brick by Brick

Millions of Lego pieces fell overboard near Land’s End in 1997. Now, a 13-year-old has found a “holy grail” piece—one of the payload’s 4,200 octopus figurines. / The Guardian

See also: Geologists are divided on whether conglomerates of natural materials held together by plastic—and that frequently wash up on beaches are “rocks,” only new. / Slate

Researchers identify medicinal and hallucinogenic plant DNA at an ancient Mayan ball court in what they call a “special ritual deposit.” / Gizmodo

Every spring on Mars, buried carbon dioxide ice emerges as dark, spider-like formations. / Live Science

“I love everything about Marginalia, which is a search engine with its own index, run by a single dude, initially on a server in his apartment.” How I search in 2024. / Normcore Tech

See also: “This is the story of how Google Search died, and the people responsible for killing it.” / Where’s Your Ed At

Smartphone sales have shrunk in six of the last seven years, and people just don’t feel the need anymore to replace their phones every few years. / The Verge

Looking back at the pre-smartphone era, when digital PDAs—and specifically Palm Pilots—briefly ruled the land. / Ars Technica

See also: The dumbphone boom is real. / The New Yorker

“In 2008, amidst this slow transition, Magneto finally became canonically Jewish.” The ever-changing implications of the X-Men’s core villain’s Judaism. / Defector

Brandy Jensen on nonmonogamy, which everyone claims they don’t want to read about, but everyone wants to talk about. / The Yale Review

“Having a stocked pantry makes it possible to whip up something that still makes you feel good when you’re feeling down.” Breaking up with perfectionist cooking. / Gentle Foods

A rundown of known scams targeting travelers in Europe. / The Points Guy

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