Friday headlines: American

Voters begin casting ballots in Russia where the Kremlin “remains determined” to render a semblance of legitimacy. / BBC News

A day of mourning is declared after another Russian missile attack in Odesa. / The Guardian

Protesters at the New York Times hand out editions of the New York Crimes. / Instagram

A report says metro areas in the Southeast United States have the worst transportation outcomes for reducing emissions. / Bloomberg CityLab

See also: “Vancouver’s new mega-development is big, ambitious, and undeniably Indigenous.” / Maclean’s

Long-running surveys say Gen Z feels more disillusioned than any living generation before them. / The Wall Street Journal [+]

Could an AI replace all music ever recorded with Taylor Swift covers? Researchers say yes. / NewScientist

Arvind Narayanan And Sayash Kapoor: Trying to make an AI model that can’t be misused is like trying to make a computer that can’t be used for bad things. / AI Snake Oil

Meghan Markle has a new company called American Riviera Orchard. Among 51 things it is not: “The restaurant inside Home Depot.” / Vulture

A professional “stay-at-home boyfriend” explains his work. “It’s the little things added together that make a big thing really great.” / GQ

Bartenders rate the more overrated bourbons—e.g., Pappy Van Winkle. / Vinepair

What it’s like to run a food stall in Sinagpore. Also, what it’s like to draw birds in your backyard. / Business Insider, The Paris Review

An artist drops acorns on golf courses using drones and tiny parachutes. / Early Majority

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