Monday headlines: Ready spore

Less than a month after seven of its team members were killed by Israeli airstrikes, World Central Kitchen says it will resume operations in Gaza. / NPR

A new UK law requiring device manufacturers to ban users’ weak passwords goes into effect today. / The Register

Texas groups file a lawsuit against the state over prisons’ inadequate air conditioning, which heightens risks for illness and deaths this summer. / The 19th

Florida scientists say testing shows a bottlenose dolphin that died in 2022 was infected with H5N1. / Gizmodo

The Chinese Academy of Sciences has published the most detailed geological map of the Moon ever created. / Nature

“They had mushroom structures that don’t quite make sense.” When scammy AI books come for foraging guides. / Vox

An investigation alleges a professor used self-citations in scientific papers to artificially boost his online presence. / El País

“Using AI in learning cannot be so lightning-quick that a user doesn’t bother to examine the output or take ownership of it.” We need to reclaim slowness. / Rhetorica

A five-plus-hour video on the history of entertainment made by North Korea. / YouTube

According to a survey, the “ideal” movie length is 92 minutes. / The Guardian

See also: From 2008, Josh Allen on why 2:42 is the perfect song length. / The Morning News

The obscure, catchy ’80s song Reddit users were trying to identify has finally been tracked down—it was part of the soundtrack for a 1986 adult film. / Rolling Stone

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