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Regarding universities and protesters, since April 18, more than 1,000 people have been arrested on more than 25 campuses across at least 21 states. / CNN

The DEA plans to recommend reclassifying marijuana as a less dangerous drug. / The Associated Press

Helen Branswell breaks down what we’re starting to learn about H5N1 in cows, and the risk to people. / STAT

Canada fears importing an H5N1 outbreak. Also how the climate crisis is affecting California, since the state supplies Canada with much of their vegetables. / CBC, The Toronto Star

Germany’s Study Pavilion is named Europe’s best new building. (And here are some brutalist churches.) / dezeen

An expat in Japan says Japanese speakers experience “a whole realm of consciousness” that’s unique to the world. / Aether Mug

A trend article says Gen Z is replacing “yolo” with “diftp,” meaning “do it for the plot.” / The New York Post

A “cult”-like birdwatching group grows in Brooklyn, determined to make birding cool. / Gothamist

Related: What it’s like to be a member of the secretive “Order of the Third Bird.” / The New Yorker, Instagram

Regarding the links yesterday about American shopping habits, how about an expensive grocery’s $32 bag of “ice ballz.” / Eater

A comic artist argues for wearing colorful sneakers. An illustrator draws flags for owls. / Put This On, Instagram

An essay praises the design of drinking fountain buttons, even if they don’t always work. / The Verge

Julia Munslow explains how to turn an AI into a spicy boyfriend. “I was surprised by how fast it turned into Fifty Shades of ChatGPT.” / The Wall Street Journal [+]

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