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Protestors want universities to divest from Israel, yet schools’ endowments are frequently—conveniently—opaque. / The Washington Post [+]

Photos: Fifty-four years ago today, the Ohio National Guard arrived at Kent State University and opened fire on student protestors. / The Atlantic

“The fact that Palestinian children are children doesn’t seem obvious to many in the western media.” / The Guardian

Photographs of life in Palestine, ca. 1896–1919. / Public Domain Review

Williams-Sonoma has been fined $3.18 million for claiming some foreign-made products were made in the US—the second time it’s been caught doing so in recent years. / Scripps News

Instead of the dead internet, Facebook is now something worse: the zombie internet, an unhinged mix of bots and humans and everything in between. / 404 Media

For some teens, an AI chatbot service has provided a helpful way to talk about problems, but it’s not uncommon for users to say they’re addicted to the platform. / The Verge

When watched in VR rather than in two dimensions, a documentary about refugees resulted in an increase in sympathy among conservative viewers. /

Selfies and remote work have reduced the stigma long associated with facial cosmetic injections. / Business Insider

See also: The freedom and joy of a photo dump account, where chaos is the primary aesthetic. / Bustle

“I hurt because I knew I’d handed the world a weapon.” Brittney Griner opens up about how her time in a Russian prison changed her. / The New York Times Magazine [+]

See also: I wish I’d never become the NFL weed guy. / Defector

“Nothing is more boring than a lot of noise.” In search of silence. / The Common Reader

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