Thursday headlines:

The February heatwave in West Africa was made 10 times more likely by climate change. / CarbonBrief

British farmers say this year’s record rainfall suggests an ongoing emergency. / The Guardian

A round-up of superlatives, senior yearbook style, for “the most surprising, actionable, and fun solutions” to the climate crisis. / Grist

Lionel Barber: We already live in a “Trump 1.5” world, but Japan is more worried than most about Trump 2.0. / Politico Magazine

See also: Fake pictures of Donald Trump with historical figures. / X

Despite a decade of federal oversight, Albuquerque cops kill people at a higher rate than any other police force in the United States. / Searchlight New Mexico

Can America’s abandoned malls be turned into housing? Zoning rules say probably not. / Vox

Consumer Reports asks the USDA to take Lunchables off school lunch menus due to high amounts of sodium and heavy metals. / NPR

A French court says veggie burgers can be called “steaks.” / Le Monde

Indie food brands cry foul over Trader Joe’s executives’ “blatant and aggressive” copycat tactics. / Taste

Biohackers go all in on so-called cellular-health treatments, despite science not exactly supporting them. / GQ

“‘The most basic questions about sleep still lack definite answers.” Increasing evidence finds sleep disorders to have a genetic component. / The London Review of Books

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