Thursday headlines: Nine inch

Over 100 students protesting Israel’s war in Gaza are arrested at the University of Texas and the University of Southern California. / Al Jazeera

“It’s a consideration to protect your anonymity.” Why protesters are wearing masks these days. / Semafor

How many people died from disasters in 2023? Just over 86,000, mostly from earthquakes. / Sustainability by numbers

Spain is becoming “the new Miami” for wealthy Central and South Americans. / Le Monde

The Moulin Rouge windmill’s blades fell off overnight. / France 24

In China, there is no TikTok, only Douyin, a cash cow for parent company ByteDance. / The New York Times [+]

A demographics professor warns that everyone in Japan will be named “Sato” by 2531. / Spoon & Tamago

Americans who struggle to afford basic necessities but make too much money to get help are called “ALICEs.” / Business Insider

Women are working more, not less, and still getting paid less than men—hence the “tradwife” and “soft life” trends still beckon on social media. / CNBC

See also: “The American Christian right’s enthusiasm for sex-negative British feminists may reflect the conservative movement’s present challenges.” / Vox

“It’s possible to have strong, lasting regrets about a life choice while ferociously loving—and caring for—the fruit of that decision.” An essay by R.O. Kwan about parents who regret having children. / TIME

Unrelated: A blind tasting of nearly a dozen excellent margarita recipes. / Punch

“I’ve been called here to wait at least a hundred times.” Line-sitters, resellers, and bots make it hard to get a table at trendy restaurants in New York City. / The New Yorker

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