Wednesday headlines: Fore in

Costa Rica consistently gets more than 99 percent of its electricity from renewables—and “it’s still not enough.” / The Verge

An orange haze descends over Athens as clouds of dust blow in from the Sahara. / BBC News

Los Angeles earns its 25th-straight F in air quality. / The Los Angeles Times

Congress passes its TikTok “sell-or-ban” bill. An incomplete guide to how TikTok has changed America. / USA Today, The New York Times [+]

Since the overturn of Roe vs. Wade, vasectomies and tubal ligations have increased significantly in Americans ages 18 to 30. / teen Vogue

See also: “The American Christian right’s enthusiasm for sex-negative British feminists may reflect the conservative movement’s present challenges.” / Vox

Meanwhile, empathy among young Americans is rebounding, reaching levels “indistinguishable from the highs of the 1970s.” / Vox

A study finds that every generation believes music was “better back in my day.” / Stat Significant

Related: “Caught between the streams,” a newsletter if you don’t want your taste in music to stagnate. / Andrew Womack

Helen Rosner describes the food that wealthy people eat at lunch. “If it’s never quite exciting, at least it’s always good.” / The New Yorker

A burnt scroll indicates the exact location of Plato’s grave—and the fact he was sold into slavery. / LBV Magazine

A lonely man in Vermont rents a billboard to attract women in Texas. / Texas Monthly

Some nice photographs of Spain’s El Rocío pilgrimage. And a trailer for a new game that depicts mini-golf in four dimensions. / It’s Nice That, YouTube

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