Thursday headlines: Pachabel’s

At least 32,490 Palestinians have been killed and 74,889 wounded in Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7. / Al Jazeera

Right-wing Israelis question whether the country relies too much on the United States. / The Wall Street Journal [+]

Dominic Tierney: Israelis are likely to look back on the war as a costly campaign and a missed opportunity—and perhaps as a major defeat. / Foreign Affairs

China donates 1,500 tons of drinking water from Tibetan glaciers to help the Maldives with a water crisis. / The Economic Times

Pictures of signs in Hong Kong warning people about falling fruit. / CCA

A woman names herself after a London train station after falling in love with it. / Metro

Homeowners in California can hire a “squatter hunter” to move in and make life unbearable for people on their property. / CBS News

The Arabic word “shaheed,” which translates roughly to “martyr,” is responsible for more content removals than any other single word on Facebook. / rest of world

It may seem like people aren’t swearing more than they used to, but they’re probably not. Instead, “they are swearing differently than they used to.” / Vox

Richard Serra, known for his large-scale steel artworks, dies from pneumonia at 85. / artsy

From February, instructions on how to send fan mail—on paper—to “the Mona Lisa.” / Bohemizm

Anna Kornbluh: We have lost the future and instead of playing with the past, our dominant aesthetic style magnifies the present. / Jacobin

Joanna Kavenna: I’ve always loved salmon because salmon jump and no one knows why. / The Paris Review

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