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A bridge in Baltimore collapses after being hit by a large container ship. / The Wall Street Journal [+]

The rate at which Gaza has reached its depth of food insecurity is “practically unheard of” in the 21st century. / Vox

Despite some 667,000 people experiencing “catastrophic” levels of hunger in Gaza, officials explain why it’s not yet a “famine.” / NPR

Donald Trump’s first criminal trial is now set for tax day, April 15. / Politico

Fareed Zakaria: Biden’s policies have disproportionately helped people in rural areas without college degrees—likely Trump voters, in other words. / CNN

Vaughan Gething, the first minister of Wales, becomes the first Black person to lead a national government in Europe. / The New York Times [+]

Jasmin Paris becomes the first woman to complete the Barkley Marathons in Tennessee; only 20 people have finished since 1989. / BBC News

In Denver, e-bike vouchers are helping to eliminate 170,000 vehicle miles traveled per week. / Grist

Rural homelessness is rising six times faster than homelessness overall. / High Country News

Dutch farms use only a half-gallon of water to grow a pound of tomatoes, while the global average is more than 28 gallons. / The Washington Post [+]

What it’s like to experience the “very tame dread” of riding in a “paternoster,” aka, a cyclic elevator. / Why is this interesting

Scenes from daily life in Tokyo in 1968. / Japanese Nostalgic

See also: Rain Szeto’s densely detailed ink and watercolor illustrations. / Colossal

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