Saturday headlines: Carbon

At least 133 people are dead after an attack on a crowded concert hall outside Moscow. An ISIL affiliate claimed the assault. / BBC News, Al Jazeera

The United States warned Russia weeks ago of an impending attack. / The New York Times [+]

Negotiators at the UN are working to recognize and add “gender apartheid” as a crime against humanity. / Interruptrr

See also: If “female” is a reproductive category in biological animals, and robots and AIs are machines, “what exactly makes one of them ‘female?'” / My Apophenic Haze

A study of 34 years in internet speech finds consistent patterns “irrespective of the platform, topic, or time.” / Nature

How to tell if Chat GPT has been used to author a scientific paper? Look for the phrase “as of my last knowledge update.” / 404 Media

An archivist worries about the emergence of AI-generated “vintage” photos. / The Colour of Time with Marina Amaral

Related: Robot baristas are asking for tips and “we aren’t exactly sure how to feel about it.” / Sprudge

A list of things believed to “work”—e.g., multivitamins—that may not work. / Dynomight

A “down jacket” that contains no feathers converts infrared light to heat. / dezeen

New research explains why fluffy clouds dissipate during a solar eclipse. / Atlas Obscura

Confessions of a former architectural illustrator. “This drawing is bad. I can say that, becasue I did it.” / KIOSK

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