Monday headlines:

Russia marks a national day of mourning for victims of the concert hall attack. / NPR

Vladimir Putin is said to have brushed off American warnings about the attack as “blackmail.” / The Economist

Images of Emmanuel Macron punching a boxing bag are linked to France’s increasingly tougher stance against Russia. / CNN

Some of the children recently taken in Nigeria’s mass abductioms have been freed. / BBC News

Women who cut sugar cane in India are getting unnecessary hysterectomies, often as a way to keep working. / The Fuller Project, The New York Times [+]

Unrelated/related: “I am the New York Times’ paywall, and if I let any non-subscribers in, they’ll kill my family.” / McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

Benjamin Schneider: More than any other American city, Los Angeles is trying to address its problems by transforming its built environment. / The Urban Condition

Designers in Dallas propose public infrastructure to address loneliness. / Bloomberg City Lab

Your weekly white paper: Investigating touchscreen ergonomics to improve tablet-based enrichment for parrots. / Northeastern University

Most Gen Alphas have yet to graduate elementary school, “yet they are widely being called ‘feral,’ ‘illiterate’ and ‘doomed’ on YouTube and TikTok.” / The Los Angeles Times

“You are more like a plant than you realize.” A thirty-something woman gives 101 pieces of advice to her twenty-something self. / Approach with Alacrity

Interview with a professional dating-app user (on other people’s behalf). / CBS News

Some brief reflections on stillness and therapy. “I’ve never felt so tapped-in and alive.” / Meditations in an Emergency

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