Thursday headlines: Give it away, give it away

MacKenzie Scott’s latest round of giving sends $640 million to 361 small nonprofits, more than double what she pledged. / The Associated Press

A list of the organizations that received grants. / Yield Giving

Meanwhile, a study finds only a small fraction of Amazon’s plastic packaging ever makes it to a material recovery facility. / Grist

Toyota is working on building “a utopian sustainable city” at the foot of an active Japanese volcano. / Metro

“Climate cafes” are popping up across the United States, where people can discuss their emotions related to the crisis. / The New York Times [+]

See also: “My computer is a home that my friends can visit.” /

Photographers choose pictures from their archives for scenes that capture happiness and well-being. / NPR

The United States is no longer among the 20 happiest countries in the world, according to new data from Gallup. / CBS News

Niger ends an agreement allowing American troops to operate in the country, following a regional trend of aligning with Russia. / Semafor

See also: How to run a CIA base in Afghanistan. / Statecraft

Accounting for why a seven-day weather forecast in a rich country can be more accurate than a one-day forecast in a low-income one. / Our World in Data

Accounting for why 7-11s are so much better outside the US. / The Los Angeles Times

Photographer Irina Werner celebrates the long hair of women and girls in Latin America. “Your hair is important; that’s your connection to the land.” / Colossal, Vogue

Children across Europe, encouraged by TikTok, are turning to anti-ageing products in pursuit of more “youthful” skin. / The Guardian

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