Friday headlines: The Juggernaut, I

The United States drafts a new security council resolution calling for Israel to commence an immediate ceasefire. / Al Jazeera

China and Russia veto the measure, partly due to the US linking the ceasefire to a condemnation of Hamas. / axios

See also: A round-up of things to know about ongoing efforts to feed people in Gaza. / NPR

China is said to be capable of invading Taiwan by 2027. / Semafor

China and the US are using security relationships—internal and external, respectively—to compete for influence. / Foreign Affairs

Five takeaways from the big antitrust lawsuit against Apple. / The Verge

Five themes to understand trends in the new Whitney Biennial. / The Art Newspaper

First there were “status blow dryers” and “status toilets,” now there are “status showerheads.” / The Wall Street Journal [+]

An article from 1897 suggests “tens of thousands of men” were tattooed at that time in London. / Public Domain Review

A study finds instability to be a determinant of rock bands’ success. / Journal of Cultural Economics

“This synergy can blur the line between life and art.” In praise of taking a long time to write a book. / The Millions

Unrelated: An oral history of mid-2000s internet favorite “I’m the Juggernaut, Bitch!” / The Ringer

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