Thursday headlines: Poet common

The amount of homicides in major American cities is falling at its quickest rate in decades. / axios

Mass shootings in the United States are said to be down 30% from this time last year. / X

Funding for US-based “creator” startups more than doubled in the first three months of 2024. / The Information

A new spy service scrapes more than ten thousand Discord servers and sells the data for as little as $5. / 404 Media

See also: Hand-embroidered surveillance footage. / designboom

The era of big data and now artificial intelligence has led to an entrenched, maturing partnership between the Pentagon and Silicon Valley. / Forever Wars

“Delve” is overused by ChatGPT because it’s popular in Nigeria—and that’s where the AI was trained. / The Guardian

Meanwhile: “It takes 20 times more water to have a ChatGPT conversation than to run a Google search.” / The South China Morning Post

Nearly 300 gems were stolen from the British Museum over a 25-year period. / The Art Newspaper

A study finds Arabica coffee developed more than 600,000 years ago. /

The “Mariko Aoki phenomenon” is when you enter a cafe or bookstore and immediately want to use the toilet. / Sprudge

Actual poets weigh in on Taylor Swift’s new Tortured Poets Department. “I think a part of writing poetry is observing things and being honest. Can you do that if you have billions of dollars?” / The Cut

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