Tuesday headlines: Trash in the panthemorningnews.org

Diplomats voice hope amid signs of progress toward a Middle East truce. / Semafor

The war on Gaza is thought likely to radicalize a new generation of global jihadists. / The economist

Campus protests ignite in France, inspired by American students. / Al Jazeera

Unrelated: The making of France’s far-right media empire. “Live TV, it’s the truth of life,” / The Dial

The American West confronts the theft of its bees. / Noema

A girl in North Carolina complains of monsters in her bedroom. It was 60,000 bees. / BBC News

One of the more puzzling speeches in Shakespeare’s plays sounds like gibberish except in a few places, like rural California. / The Los Angeles Review of Books

Three teenagers stand accused of causing thousands of dollars in damage to a California company’s cars by twerking. / The Los Angeles Times

A man attempts to justify purchasing a $300 garbage pail. “A trash can that’s also a piece of art: your bathroom deserves it, and so do you.” / Sherwood

Will Americans ever stop buying junk? “Consumer choice is the animating logic of so much of American life.” / The Atlantic [+]

A curator spends six years photographing 427 suitcases from New York mental hospitals. / The American Scholar

Japan’s Kansai International Airport hasn’t lost a single piece of luggage since it opened 30 years ago. / Nikkei Asia

A Catholic advocacy group releases an AI priest, then quickly defrocks it. / Futurism

Unrelated: “My comments are in the Google doc linked in the Dropbox I sent in the Slack.” / McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

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