Saturday headlines: Don’t look in the

Following Israel’s attack on Iran’s consulate in Syria, Iranian forces have seized an “Israeli-linked” container ship near the Strait of Hormuz. / Al Jazeera

See also: “The conventional wisdom in Washington and elsewhere has often held that Iran has become contained, even isolated. But this was never true.” / Foreign Affairs

Google blocks California news outlets in retaliation over proposed legislation that would force it to pay publishers in the state for content. / Gizmodo

State and city mandates for CO2 reductions are working in the Bay Area, where vehicle emission rates are falling around 2.6% annually. / Berkeley News

“I remember thinking, ‘Why did it take them three years to build a three-story building?'” The town that kept its nuclear bunker a secret for three decades. / Smithsonian

OJ Simpson handed over only $133,000 of the $33.5 million he was ordered to pay in the deaths of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. / Rolling Stone

US border arrests typically surge in spring; however, for the first time since 2017, March arrests fell, month over month—due to increased immigration enforcement in Mexico. / NPR

AI summaries won’t replace social media anytime soon, both because the technology isn’t there yet, and because people don’t want that. / Read Max

Inside a horror-themed gym in Pittsburgh. / Neatorama

After scanning more than 500 sauropod bones during Covid lockdown, an Australian paleobiologist identified 12 new dinosaurs. / ABC

“For years, I have been telling people that if they love podcasts and want to support podcast creators—especially independent ones—they shouldn’t listen to podcasts on Spotify.” / Defector

This is wonderful: 15 notes played at 0.2 bpm time differences. / YouTube

Spend a minute at a park. / One Minute Park

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